European Journal of Management and Business Economics, vol. 32, issue 2, 2023

The latest issue of European Journal of Management and Business Economics has just published online: Volume 31, issue 2, 2023

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The role of competitive environment and strategy in the supply chain's agility, adaptability and alignment capabilities

Pedro Garrido-Vega, Macarena Sacristán-Díaz, José Moyano-Fuentes, Rafaela Alfalla-Luque

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What colour are you? Smartphone addiction traffic lights and user profiles

Sonia San-Martín, Nadia Jiménez

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How the response to service incidents change customer–firm relationships

Pedro Simões Coelho, Paulo Rita, Ricardo F. Ramos

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Predicting intention to follow online restaurant community advice: a trust-integrated technology acceptance model

Aya K. Shaker, Rasha H.A. Mostafa, Reham I. Elseidi

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Can hotel employees arise internal whistleblowing intentions? Leader ethics, workplace virtues and moral courage

Ibrahim M. Mkheimer, Kareem M. Selem, Ali Elsayed Shehata, Kashif Hussain, Marta Perez Perez

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Linking human resources practices to employee engagement in the hospitality industry: the mediating influences of psychological safety, availability and meaningfulness

Md Karim Rabiul, Ahmad Edwin Mohamed, Ataul Karim Patwary, Tan Fee Yean, Siti Zaitun Osman

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On the role of innovation and market structure on trade performance: is Schumpeter right?

Kore Guei
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